LAC Insignia RAF

Leading Aircraftman Insignia.

Leading aircraftman (LAC) or leading aircraftwoman (LACW) is the second rank in the Royal Air Force, and some other Commonwealth air force.

The rank is a NATO OR-2 rank, which is the same NATO code as senior aircraftman. Leading aircraftman ranks below senior aircraftman. The insignia of a leading aircraftman is a two-bladed propeller, with the propellers being horizontal.


The rank orginated from the RAF in 1918, replacing the RFC rank of mechanic first class. Until 1951, it was only a trade. On January 1st, 1951, it became a non-supervisory rank.



A leading aircraftman of the RAF.

In the RAF, leading aircraftman was a rank accompanied by three other aircraftman ranks, which included aircraftman, senior aircraftman and senior aircraftman (technician)/junior technician.

Leading aircraftman, although being the second lowest rank of the RAF, it is the lowest rank used by airmen in productive duty. This is due to aircraftman being a training rank only. It is also the lowest rank in the RAF to have an insignia. 

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